Radio Frequency Identification Seminar Topic

Radio-Frequency-Identification-SeminarRadio frequency identification is a technology that uses radio waves to identify object, animal or people in a unique manner.

RFID is one of the Auto Identification Technologies. RFID is latest technology which replaces bar codes. Barcodes are nothing but Black and white stripes printed on a piece of paper .To read this code we need to use special type of readers it is known as Bar code readers use optical scanning to read the black and white stripes on bar code sticker and get the product details.

Where as, RFID uses Radio Frequency, the communication is done through the radio waves to exchange the data between tag and the receiver

Principle components


                Tag is an electronic chip which contains a unique ID and the details of the object.

It mainly contains

ü  Chip

ü  Antenna 


                Reader will send and receive radio signals. it mainly consists of

ü  RF Module (Transmitter and Receiver)

ü  Control Unit

ü  Antenna

3.Host Computer

                Host Computer is normal computer which contains special software. this will display the object details which is sent by the Rf module.

  1. Working

                A tag is affixed to a resource this tag is programmed to be recognized by the system which contains the unique id.

 The tag can be scanned by a reader device to get the id of the resource after obtaining the id it will transmit to the RF module which receives the Rf signal sent by the antenna and transmits the signal to the host application then can take the id and get the details of the   resource and do further processing


  • RFID will be a major piece of our future.
  • RFID has many potential uses.
  • Likely to play a key technological role.
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