Transporter Lorry Billing BCA Final Year VB Project Report

Introduction to Transporter Lorry Billing Project:

The Transporter Lorry Billing project is a pilot project that is designed for a lorry transportation company. Xyz company for lorry transporter is incorporated many years back and it has provided the lorry service for the past 25 years. The job of this company is to provide lorry to the consignee.

TRANSPORTER LORRY BILLING is a software application that helps to maintain the daily transactions of the lorry office. This software also enables the transporter to choose the vehicles and to do the track payments and billing as well as receipts. At the same time it includes many reports to find the details.

The focus of this project is to automate the operations of the transporter’s office. They need to maintain thousands of records and searching also becomes easier and faster. Required details can be easily available with a narrow search.

This software application is designed in such a manner that it can suitably meet the needs of all the transport companies in the future. So the implementation of making this project successful is very important and after proper implementation we will also target other cities.

 This project has various modules for handling various services like :

  1. Receipt voucher entry
  2. Loading advice entry
  3. Driver details
  4. Company details
  5. Consignee details
  6. Consigner details 

This software helps to store the transaction details electronically which save a lot of energy, time and money. This project is designed for a reputed company in the city and this construction company built several apartments and also plans to construct many other structures in the city.

Now this software replaced the manual system of recording the details of sales, installments, receipts and maintenance. For eg: in a construction company this software will help to record the details of the number of structures built, advance bookings, owner details, apartment details etc.

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