Traffic Flow Management using Wireless Sensor Networks Project Report

Introduction to Traffic Flow Management using Wireless Sensor Networks Project:

The wireless sensory network is the latest technological advancement that is doing wonders in the field of management of traffic flow. With the help of the sensing, communicating and computing from a tiny device, management of traffic flow has become much smooth over the years.

Any type of wireless sensory network is made up several autonomous sensors that re distributed within the device. The task of these sensors is to keep a tab on physical conditions like record the temperature, pressure, level of pollutants, motion, vibration etc. the wireless sensory network was developed because of the active involvement of the military because it helped them in surveillance of the battlefield.

However over the course of time, it is now used by several civilian and industrial applications. The areas of applications in these two areas include – monitoring of industrial process, traffic control, home automation, monitoring of habitat and environment and healthcare applications. 

Keeping the success of the wireless sensory network in mind, it has now been decided to introduce in the management of traffic flow. System gurus think that it is wise to divide the system in three layers of the wireless sensor network, higher level coordination of traffic lights agents and localized traffic flow model policy.

What has been decided is that the wireless sensor networks are to be installed on those roads that have a very high traffic count and should ideally be those that goes out and in to the intersection. The task of the sensors is to detect the numbers of the vehicles, and the speed of it and then send the data to the nearest located Intersection Control Agent which in turn is the one that determines the flow model, based on the information that the sensor provides. The objective of this system is to make sure that traffic flows smoothly and that people do not have to spend a lot up time caught up in the traffic.

Download  Traffic Flow Management using Wireless Sensor Networks Project Report.

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