Hotel Management System Documentation

The title of my project is Hotel Management Systems. I have attempted to un-complicate the onerous process of the Hotel Management System by using a prepared & Modular technique as well as create a Menu leaning boundary.

I have attempted to make the project as user friendly and extensible as possible, so its use and extension can be done without much endeavor. Even though this project is not exhaustive, the principle purpose of this exercise is to automate and digitize an Employee’s activity which saves a lot of time in comparison to manual methods. 

This software parcel does not require users to be proficient in programming techniques; it is very user friendly and enables people to operate it without error. This scheme is meant for two kinds of users, namely:

 I. Online customers.

ii. Administrator 

Online customers can view relevant articles and news, and Administrators can maintain the package with daily updates to the hotel account. The Administrator has to be an allowed user with a password. Password recovery and password change functions are also built in to the package. 

The principle goal of this package is to ensure that the entire Hotel management scheme, like Room actions, Assigning rooms according to client’s demand, Admission of a new customer, etc, is automated and digitized. 

Due to time constrains and limited resources, we have restricted our scope to the main functions of a Hotel Management System. Due worry has been full to build the scheme user friendly and efficient. 

The Hotel Management scheme has been considered to automate and digitize the subsequent functions performed by hotels. 

  • Room feature Functions
  • Opening a latest Room
  • Modification to area assigned
  • Admission of original customer
  • Check-out of client
  • Room transmission related to client’s need.
  • Statement of client Details
  • Check-in client
  • Check-out client
  • Room particulars
  • Total figure of clients in the lodge
  • Individual client Report

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  1. Your story is useful to document hotel management system. Hotel management system should be interactive, user friendly and help to understand to each process of a restaurant.

  2. can you please send me the bibliography together with your name? i would like to reference you in my thesis

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