A Wireless Design of Low Cost Irrigation System Using Zigbee Technology

In  A Wireless Design of Low Cost Irrigation System Using Zigbee Technology Project we generally use induction motors where the water has to be pulled out and irrigate the plant. But it is difficult to check the availability of the water in the field all the time. So here we are considering a wireless system to monitor the condition of the plant and then if there in any insufficient amount of water in the field then the network built will check the plants status and then water level and gives the required water level condition by indication the status to concern person of that field.

Normally in the field it is not possible for a person to continuously monitor the condition and the water level in the field. The water level that is in the field ahs to be monitored and the level of the sump has to be checked and then the motor has to work accordingly. This every this in divided in different sub networks and then according to the levels and status of the field the motor will run under condition. Here actually we are using a wireless network. That is RF communication system with 433MHz frequency with an address to match the identity. This actually monitors the humidity in the field and water level in the tank and the currents and voltage of the motor.

In the field it is common to find that the current and voltage are not always the same. So that we check the current s and voltages and then if the voltages and currents are at required level then it immediately transfers the signal to the motor to switch it on. This checks not only the current and voltage values even the level of the water that is present. If the level of the water is at a sufficient level then it automatically switches on the motor. At the same time it even monodies the condition dint he field. If the water level is sufficient for that time then it instructs the motor to switch it off.

This is all done with a wireless network since it is difficult to plant and wire the complete field for the application in this manner. The address has to be matched with the relevant master unit and the master unit controls the remaining part. A complete network is been implemented in this field with a wireless system. The motor speed is also controlled with a pulse width modulation technique because normally these motors in the field do not have a slow start to regulate the initial currents in the motor.

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