The Two Tiered Client/Server Web Database in DBMS


With out any principal process totally the client talks openly with a server in the two-tier architecture. In the microcomputer-based LANs mainly we use architecture is two-tiered client/server architecture.  From the clients we get the post request, the user interface is managed by the clients, and the data which is entered by the user is authenticated, the connections are restricted, data integrity is managed,  database retrievals and the database what is updated is implemented.

                            Two-Tiered Client Server Architecture

                               Two-Tiered Client/Server Architecture

                   Independently we can expand the technologies that are web tools and databases. In any reason the web tools and databases are support on two-tiered client/server architecture.  Among the Web browser and a web server the separating of the functions is distinct. The HTML pages are distributed by the web server where as by understanding these HTML tags individual pages are presented by the web browser. Many dealers like to generate web browser because it is very consistency. It is individual with a small amount when we divide among the database client and database server.  Application programmers take the decisions regarding the separation of functions and the project requirements also controls the decisions. As a result there is no availability of consistency which means that there is a need for important programming effort in order to execute modifications to a database server and client.

   Two-tiered Client Server Web and Database Architecture

                       Two-tiered Client/Server Web and Database Architecture

     Any computer can act as either client or a server. Because there is a problem in price frequently the microcomputers are behaving like client and server. Normally the clients and servers are connected together.  With quite fixed rules the typical client-server architecture works well rather in all the same environments.  There is another client server architecture known as three-tier architecture where the rules are quickly altered by the mixed environments.

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