Embedded Web Server Abstract

The main aim of EMBEDDED WEB SERVER project development is to implement the compact implement the compact Ethernet based data logger system, Ethernet based home automation system and message sending . This high performance unit is possible by interfacing a Ethernet controller to the high speed AVR controller. In order to implement this we have to select one Ethernet controller which is SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) based and is easy to interface with microcontroller.

This application uses ENC28J60 as ether net controller for serial interface. ENC28J60 can support either full duplex mode or half duplex mode. It will take transmitting/receiving 8Kbytes. ENC28J60 has internal DMA for fast access data. 

The module allows a user to interface a home appliance through the internet. The project is designed for a generic home appliance so the only user option is to turn it on/off. By selecting the data from web page, we can send the packet of information to the LAN. Microcontroller collects this packet, processes it and outputs the data. The data goes into a circuit which turns the appliance off or on. 

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