Remote Controlling Home Using Zigbee

Remote-controlling-Home-Using-ZigbeeIntroduction:                                  Remote controlling Home Using Zigbee embedded system project is used in  various home applications, such as home appliance controlling, security systems and automation etc are not very easy to do it manually with human interaction.             

            The fact is it is not possible to access these areas directly because of the some physical and technological problems. So it is better to employ some automated devices to monitor and control these devices or security systems.       

                  If it is a large housing colony, there will be a lot of   devices and security systems to monitor and control. Connecting different monitoring and control equipments in different houses are not possible. All the houses should be monitored and controlled with one master system and this is a best approach also. Inter connecting all houses with wires are also not practical. It should be wireless. A better way is a wireless network that can communicate in between houses and the main server. Here comes the importance of wireless home automation and monitoring system network based on Zig Bee.


  In this home automation and monitoring system, all the houses are fixed with sensors to capture different parameters and also with security systems. As the houses will be in different places we should do a wireless network to communicate with all the sensors fixed in different homes. For this wireless communication we use Zigbee protocol and technology to obtain a best result.     

        We use single board computers to collect sensor information and send to the master equipment. In order to maintain various parameters like pressure, vibration and temperature master equipment server is used.  Control different parameters will be done through communication between control equipment and control devices.                         For the prototype we will interface temperature sensors and vibration sensors and these data will be sending over radio (zigbee) to the server and monitor these parameters and relays to control different devices.

download Remote controlling Home Using Zigbee Embedded system Abstract.

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