Remote Control Using LAN Network

 In many Organizations we will be having many devices which are located in remote places. If we want to control those devices, every time we should go to that place and make certain operations to control that device and get the job done.  For example if we want to print a document, for this work we want a printer in our place. If that Printer is placed far away from us, we have to goto that place and get our work done. But this consumes time. To overcome this problem we have developed a software that saves time and we can control remote devices through LAN. The main seek of this REMOTE CONTROL USING LAN NETWORK project is to develop a controlling system which will controls embedded devices through LAN network. Visual Basics is used to develop the front end. IN front end we can control many devices as well as we can add devices whichever we want to control through LAN.


                                              This system uses Visual Basics software, which is deigned as the application platform monitors and co-ordinates with the embedded devices, attached to the LAN network. Using this project we can communicate with any embedded systems or machine connected to the LAN network. This project is mainly doing an application with the embedded LAN card available. This card mainly has a interface to the LAN network and it has a serial port .The micro controller with different devices will be connected according to the application. The remote through LAN means 4 or 5 relays will be connected and when from a PC if we want to control any of the relays or switch OFF or switch ON the relays we have to send a command telling switch off relay one with the IP address of that network etc .we can also do process control of machine the same way like always update the machine details like temperature, speed of the machine motor, or the productions of the machine this project we have totally 2 relays to switch on and off any device and also an input device to show the rpm of the motor and also update the computers which require this on the computer screen we can see and also monitor the rpm of for example the fan motor rpm and also see the screen updated every second.

download Remote Control Using LAN Network Embedded system Abstract.

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