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Javax.swing is a package, which provides a set of lightweight components that work same on all platforms. Swing is the primary GUI widget toolkit in java. Swing is the part of Oracle’s Java Foundation Classes (JFC). JFC is an API, which provides GUI for java programs. 

Java has rich framework for creating user interface, the framework is called Swing. 

When compared to Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT), Swings offers sophisticated GUI components, it also offers a look and feel and allows applications to have a look and feel unrelated to the underlying platform. Swing has powerful and flexible components than AWT. Swing components includes: buttons, checkbox, labels and advanced components: tables, trees, lists, tabbed panel and scroll panes. 

Since Swings are entirely written using Java, they are not platform-specific code, they are platform-independent. javax.swing package contains swing classes. 

Swing has high modular-based architecture, which allows for plugging various custom implementations of specific framework interfaces. Swing is component based framework; all components are derived from javax.swing.JComponent class. Swing objects are bound to specific properties, when particular component is called, corresponding methods or properties are invoked accordingly. These components are Java Beans component, compliant with the Java Beans component architecture specifications. 

The visual representation of swing component is a combination of standard set of elements: border, inset, decorations. Swing’s has high level of flexibility, which is reflected in its inherent ability to override host OS’s GUI controls for displaying itself. All swing components relies on AWT container, because swing’s extends AWT’s container.

Swing library makes use of Model View Controller (MVC) software design pattern; this controls the user interface and data through which it is viewed.  Overall MVC pattern is a loosely coupled collaborative object relationship pattern, MVC model provides programmatic means for attaching event listeners to the data model object.

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