Technical Seminar Topic for ECE on Adaptive Active Phased Array Multifunction Radars

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Adaptive Active Phased Array Multi function Radars:

Radars have been used for decades now and its main functional area is to track, detect and analyze a particular object in motion or in rest. Radar works on a conventional radio wave principle and will have a transmitter, dish or antenna and a receiver as hardware components. Radar is mainly used for army purposes and is rarely used for civilian objectives.

Each radars are designed to suit a specific need or target. Nowadays radars are used in many areas by army and scientists such as defense missile systems, marine radars, aircraft collision aversion systems, locating landmarks, surveillance of the ocean and outer space, weather information systems etc.

Radar works using a simple method and procedure, radio waves or known as radar waves are transmitted by the transmitter which reflects back from the target device and is captured by an antenna or dish and the result data is analyzed. Most of the radar are single functional as the position of the transmitter and the receiver would be statically positioned. These types of single function radars include surveillance radar and tracking radar. Various techniques are used  to achieve the shape of the beam and this type of radars are called multi function radars; the only disadvantage is that it doesn’t have that much flexibility to offer.

Adaptive active phased array multi function radars (AAPAR) contain mounted receivers and transmitters on its face and formation of beams are controlled using various techniques. These radars are designed keeping in mind the target size and distance and also the environmental factors. The main difference of AAPAR from a conventional phase array one is active arrays which reduces the loss of RF signal to a certain extent. The main roles of AAPAR includes various types of surveillance like volume, target etc. The trajectory and impact calculation is also done using this type of radars. 

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