Adaptive Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Circuit Seminar Report

Introduction to Adaptive Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Circuit Seminar Topic:

The main problem we all face currently in the world is the over consumption of our energy resources, if we go at this rate then our future generation will have lack of supply of energy resources. Harvesting energy is a new innovative technology and this topic deals with such harvesting of electrical energy through a piezoelectric element which is excited mechanically.

The element acts similar to source which provides electrical power with only difference being that it is driven by a mechanical force and the source impedance is capacitive in nature. The mechanical force itself will be of fluctuating amplitude. An adaptive control algorithm is used in a DC-DC converter which will help it to harvest the electrical energy almost four times higher than one without it, also the rate of harvesting increases with the increase in levels of excitation. 

Any vibrating structure can become the platform of usage of this technology and main reason of having this energy circuit is the controller flexibility. The only addition to this vibrating structure would be the piezoelectric element which helps in increasing the harvesting process many fan fold. No other factors and positions such as placement of device, vibration levels etc. would affect the harvesting performance or the controller operation. 

Main components in this harvesting system: 

  • AC-DC rectifier
  • Output capacitor
  • Electrochemical battery
  • DC-DC converter (switch mode) 

Optimized designs can be developed based on the control algorithm and the proposed excitation levels or load which forms its power. The main part of this technology is the proposal of the energy harvest where we can achieve the power flow gets optimized. Standalone circuit control will be used for future designing work. The power stored in the battery is maximized with the help of implementing optimal power transfer theory. Overall this technology is definitely going to revolutionize the energy harvesting process. 

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