ECE Seminar Topic and Report on Military Radars

Introduction to Military Radars Seminar Topic:

This paper is discussed about “Military Radars” , its features, benefits and also its operations.  Military Radars are useful to give warning or altering Weapon control functions.

Features and Advantages:

Deployment of Military Radar will takes place within minutes. Military Radars (MR) will be useful to both air space users and air defenders by minimizing mutual interference of tasks, which will intern helpful to show effectiveness in combined combat operations. It will work in all-weather conditions. It is capable of handling multiple targets and engagements. MR has fast reaction time in between target detection and fire moment. It helps to reduce the stress under pressure due to having low manning requirements and also it is easy to operate MR’s. It will provide unlimited single air defense weapons with target data and also have a capability of flexible weapon integration. Military Radars have an excellent target discrimination and exact tracking due to its high resolution.

System configuration:

Radar group, Shelter and Motor Generator are three parts of Military Radar system.

How to operate the RADAR:

The following sequence is the work flow of a Military Radar system:

  1. Target detection by Radar.
  2. Track initiation and identification.
  3. Automatic target tracking and IFF status.
  4. Target track data and put it in the encoded message.
  5. Message transmitted to weapon systems.

At the other end the below functions will take place:

  1. Message send by Radar will be decoded and parallax correction will takes place.
  2. Threat evaluation and display of results as advice
  3. Target selection. Target tracking, fire control and weapon aiming
  4. Firing at target.


During Wartime, Military radars are very useful and these can be used for exact target detection and firing. A threat evaluation program exists in Radar system helps to

Puts the target in a threat sequence automatically, and suggests the military crew about which

Target need to be engaged first.  A radar system is reliable and simple to operate and the maintenance cost of this system is also low.

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