CSE Seminar Paper on Reliability Array of Independent Nodes

Introduction to CSE Seminar Paper on Reliability Array of Independent Nodes :

This topic is related to the RAIN Technology called as the Reliability array of independent nodes. The targets of this reliability array of independent nodes are to construct the blocks for developing the applications by making the use of the material called shell hardware. This technology is mainly used for sharing the clusters and also for computing in the space. The RAIN technology perfectly matches the internet applications. The first name before RAIN was the sharing of network protocols over the internet services.

The architecture of the RAIN technology is first the network applications here the targets for the data network of the clusters are completely different from the data storage of the clusters. And also it is the great support to the internet telecom support. Second architecture is the Shared nothing here this shared nothing concept is used mostly to work on the database application that are probably saved and stored on the disk.

The backup device here is very low. Third is the scability it maintains the input and output data that are used during the execution process. The last architecture is the Peer to peer this is the most perfect match to the applications networks based on the internet service.

The reliable array of independent nodes is the discovery of the combination between the Caltech and NASA-JPL. By identifying the constructed blocks and the shell hardware reliability array of independent nodes has become the device for the future space missions and tasks. The application of the reliable array runs on specific operating systems and also on the standard protocols related to the networks and internet.

This technology is updated and changed to the name Rain Infinity because some companies are concentrating on the updating the clusters and also advance the progress performance. This application has no failure system due to its great advantage and benefits

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