Seminar Topic and Report on CAPTCHA

Introduction to  CAPTCHA Seminar Topic:

CAPTCHA means Computer Automated Public Turing test to tell Computes and HUMN Apart. When you create an account on any website you have to pass a test, this test is called CAPTCHA. Usually Captcha is test of distorted letter image. The purpose for which Captcha is designed to stop the submissions from spam.

Types of CAPTCHA:-There are various types of Captcha are there in which first one is, Text captcha in which some question or distorted text are used which are answerable only by human not by machine.

Second one is Graphic Captcha in various type of picture or visual puzzle are used to take test. Audio Captcha is third one in which sound to take test. And the forth one is reCaptcha; it is a redesigned Captcha in which online book reading is done to make difference between human and machine.

Applications:-Captcha is used in many website to make difference between human and machine. For example in online polls, preventing registration, preventing comment, Email spam etc.

Construction:-It is a series of distorted letter that can be identified by human and this requires a database where all Captcha solution is present. Disigners also create problem and puzzles that are easy to solve for human.

Breaking Captcha: – Human has h 80% success in breaking captcha. As it is very difficult to make computer to think like human think. For solving it human may need to concrete on problem. The process to solve all captcha is same and very easy.

Issues with Captcha:-There are many issues with it, sometimes the distorted text are very difficult to read for human also. Sometimes the text is not presented in a proper way and it becomes a difficulty for human being to solve that problem.  In audio captcha the background noise is very much then the captcha sound.

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