Technical Seminar Report on Address Resolution Protocol

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Address Resolution Protocol:

The telecommunication process completely relies on different type of protocols such as HTTP, FTP, and IP etc. Address resolution protocol or ARP is one such telecommunication Protocol which allows the addresses in the network layer resolute into the link layer.  In the case of multiple access networks this process is absolutely crucial. The 4th version of the Internet Protocol that is IPv4 uses ARP with the main intention to trace the data link protocol merging of the network to hardware addresses.  In most operating systems, the addresses are altered or manipulating these.

Other technologies in which ARP has been implemented

  • Parc Universal Packet
  • Chaosnet
  • FDDI
  • X.25
  • Asynchronous transfer mode
  • DECNet

ARP behaves like an interface a touch below the network layer and between open system interconnection (OSI) link layer and network.  The same process is done mainly across an Ethernet network. The procedure of searching and finding an address of a networked system is called address resolution.  The client side process which is on the local computer sends information across the network to a computer far off and it is in this the address gets resolved with the help of this protocol. The server which receives the information would be able to the required address system and can provide It with the same henceforth. The server then sends this address to the client and thus results in ending an address request cycle.

Two types of addresses used by an Ethernet

  • Destination address or broadcast packet address
  • Hardware address or medium access control address

An address source link is created by the computer by transmitting all the packets and the packet which is received is compared as per the addresses. The different types of ARP messages are ARP request and reply and RARP request and reply. The standardization of the protocols are done with the help of common technical language in the OSI model. 

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