Secure Key Exchange and Encryption For Group Communication In Wireless Adhoc Networks

Any types of network which are not interconnected with wires or cables are known as a wireless network. A wireless ad-hoc network is a type of wireless network in de centralized form and does not depend on a specific existing set up or infrastructure. The data routing and forwarding happens between each and every nodes and network connectivity forms the basis of this routing.

The communication channels although are transformed through open air which makes it vulnerable to threats and attacks. Many range of threats such as eves dropping and interfering knowingly happens across ad-hoc networks. As said earlier, the nodes do a double role as both host and routers. For forwarding and receiving the data packets through nodes are connected internally through a multi hop network path. As the threat is more to wireless systems than a wired one, a need of proper security measure is extremely important 

This proposed system deals with an encryption mechanism along with a key change between the data transfer among nodes. This is done by using an additional parameter in MAC address in the form of specific key message while forwarding data by the nodes. The authenticated neighbor nodes would be able to exchange the key and any type of circular formation is avoided. The biggest advantage is that there would be only a momentarily dynamic connection between the two neighboring nodes. 

An ad-hoc network uses the probability of multi hop radio delaying and in this the nodes can act without having any fixed or steady infrastructure. Security is the prime concern across these ad-hoc networks and by using this key exchange and encryption it is almost well secured across a communication that spreads in groups. Each node has to be smart enough while forwarding the data to the neighboring nodes. 

Download  Secure Key Exchange and Encryption  For Group Communication In  Wireless Adhoc Networks .

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