CSE Term Paper on Adding Intelligence to the Internet Using Satellite

Introduction to Term Paper on Adding intelligence to the internet Using Satellite:

Satellite technology is one of the most advanced technologies in scientific study. Each year different types of satellites are launched into the space for multiple functions; most of them are communication satellites.The whole satellite history is divided into two generations, the first generation satellites offered very less band width of data across various nodes.

Moreover these satellites were ill equipped to reach out to the areas which had very limited terrestrial network.One of the main disadvantages of the first generations satellites were that due to the high orbit placement of the satellites resulted in high latency period and this increased the delays due to propagation which in turn affected the performance of data transfer from one point to another. 

Intelligence is fed into the link end points coming from these satellites in this proposed system and propagation delays were drastically reduced. Different numbers of satellites were used to monitor the progress and manage in handling data rather than a single satellite which in turn helped in increasing the data speed. The overall efficiency were bit more enhanced when caching took place across all link end points

The second generation satellites helps in distributing equal band width across all regions and it helps in adjusting the bandwidth to places where there are no or limited terrestrial network. There were places of congestion across the networks instantiated by the first generation satellites and that problem is corrected in the new generation one leading to a non-interrupted data flow time.

The very fact that these second generation brings in uniformity among band width across all networks itself is a major advantage. The end user behaviors are monitored properly and the intelligence is given to the link end points accordingly. Besides caching process this also includes push channel construction, multicast creation and usage, bandwidth scheduling etc. 

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