Technical Seminar Presentation on Mining Web Logs to Improve Website Organizations

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Mining Web Logs to Improve Website Organizations:

Now a day’s website users are enlarged. Increasing services to users for searching the pages in the website is too hard to manage. Users searching WebPages from different locations by using some algorithms it provide hyperlinks to access the WebPages from other locations. These Navigation links gives good result and increase the usage of website. The main goals of this project are to searching the estimated locations and reducing the number of directing links.

For searching the expected locations, here two models are used those are Visitor search patterns and recognizing the target pages. We use hash table concept for hoarding the locations. In this table dividing the weblog by visitor and sort the weblog file by visitor ID as primary key and time as secondary key, partitioning it based on the visitors ID and sorts each table separately,   scan the weblog and extract sequence of pages. For every guest and target page locate any anticipated locations for that page.

For decreasing the set of direction links three ways those are First Only, Reduce benefit, reduce time. First only algorithm count the hold for all the pages sort the pages by the maintaining and present all pages whose hold is better than or identical to S to the administrator. Advantage is estimated on fraction of people who give up on not finding a page.

Optimize time is group of pages that reduce the number of times the guest has to backtrack. For the future website are developed based on some higher technologies like ASP,PHP so these technologies gives some advantages like sitemap navigation and some rich controls for the WebPages. 

Download Technical Seminar Presentation on Mining Web Logs to Improve Website Organizations.

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