Electrical Technical Seminar Presentation on Automated Inspection of Aircraft

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Automated Inspection of Aircraft:

This project description reviewing the growth of robotic system planned to aid aircraft inspectors by remotely installing non-destructive inspection sensors and getting, giving out and accumulating examination data. Progress the robotic tools to aid aircraft inspectors. The advantages are improved detection, improved repeat ability  and decrease aircraft downtime, electronically retrievable check up data and better safety for inspectors.

Final-phase development is having four modules those are Mechanical System, Control System, Sensors, Human machine interface. Mechanical system includes system appearance and long-term mechanical design issues. Robot motions are categorized into two types walking motion and alignment motion. It includes Spine assembly raised, Spine assembly motion, Spine assembly lowered, Stabilizer Bridge moved.  

                       Control system consists of on-board robotic electronic systems, ground-based electronic systems, operator work station computer and satellite equipment enclosure. The appearance of control system software having control points on and off respected to colors white and gray. Limit switches having on and off respected colors are Yellow and Gray. For suction cups vacuum color is green and ambient pressure color is red.

                       Sensor system having following components those is eddy-current sensors, eddy-current inspection hardware, eddy-current sensor calibration, eddy-current software, and eddy-current flaw detection  those components works based on algorithms these are visual sensors and video-based rivet location, robotic institute video rivet location, CMRI video rivet algorithm, neural network results, third trail for improved camera system, rivet line fitting algorithms.

                       The robot was able to reach the following goals adhering to and walking over an aircraft fuselage despite of the orientations of those surfaces, obtaining eddy-current inspection data that appear similar to manually deployed eddy-current sensors, and  being remotely run using video and sensor advice supply to the inspector.

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