Intelligent Web Search Agent Information Technology Seminar Presentation

Introduction to Intelligent Web Search Agent Seminar Presentation :

Now a day’s the internet has become as a giant supply of information. The difficulty is that searching the information that an individual desires is regularly small difficult, because of the complication in association and the amount of information stored. Information is stored in individually named files located within different named directories on a Website and these names identified by a sequence of four numbers or a matching representative name.

The number of directories and files is restricted only storage capacity and content availability. Finding the correct page and that containing the information that is required in one of those distinctively named files, via its Uniform Resource Locator. Luckily by using some search engines such as Alta Vista  Yahoo  Hot Bot and many others have made navigating the Web easier. The main part of a search engine is the search agent, it brings the information and placed it in the database. 

The main aim of this project is to launch the reader. To the fundamental elements of an clever agent, and then  apply those elements to a  search agent to supply the structure for the creation of a simple effective search agent. An general idea of characteristic synthetic effective search algorithms will be offered and presentation metrics will be discussed. This project presents a collection of ideas to assets that will confidently provide some imminent and foundation for further examination into the subject matter.

Many of the ideas offered are fairly sensitive and there are many sources obtain in the Internet that put the complete search agent system, design considerations, and other valuable resources. The cited sources in this project are by no means inclusive — readers are giving the confidence  to follow the Internet links to find out the more useful information and data

Download  Intelligent Web Search Agent Information Technology Seminar Presentation.

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