Routing and Remote Access Services For Windows NT Server PPT

Introduction to Routing And Remote Access Services For Windows NT Server Presentation:

The operating system Windows NT Server 4.0 provides the two important services named the Remote Access Service and also the Multi-Protocols. These services are capable of creating a number of new opportunities for many vendors of independent software and also the hardware, also involves system integrator  and also network managers are responsible for providing the networking solutions for the branch office executives and also the network deployments. 

With the usage of both RRAS and also the Windows NT server the hardware vendors can provide network access solutions. The Windows NT server is considered as the network operating system and the hardware vendors will provide the networking products. This can be considered as an important application of the PC industry model for the networking business.

We can consider the Windows NT server as a networking and also the platform of the communication. When we consider RRAS it is capable of providing the elements to the above platform. So of the elements include the DHCP Relay Agent for IP, RIP and SAP for IPX, Static routing, API, Compatibility with LAN and WAN Cards.

The various features supported are extensible authentication protocol, also includes the bandwidth allocation protocol, and also the User Profiles which are used for providing the power and also the flexibility to the operating system windows 2000 by the RRAS.

The implementation of the network security is given a higher importance by network administrator. RRAS, routing and Remote Access Server offers a variety of the security features such as the IP Packet Filtering and also the IPX Packet Filtering.

We can conclude that the remote access provides the quality of service, the controlled access, it can be easily configured for the customers also provides the security.

Download  Routing and Remote Access Services For Windows NT Server PPT.

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