System Development Life Cycle Project Management

Now a day’s people are becoming selfish when it comes to donating blood. If it keep going like this then the doctor will going to unable to save people and there will be no blood available in the blood banks. So donate blood and encourage people to donate blood.

We are preparing an online based web site for blood groups. The motive of the project is to develop blood donors, blood requester and blood clinics. On this website the patients can put their request and can search for blood donors and to bring blood needier and blood donor in the same platform.

The scope of then website is very wide it can help the people those who need blood and give the address of the nearest blood bank. For this project we can collect the information that what the user want.

Primary and secondary data: –Primary data includes original data i.e. face to face interviews for the donors and needers or telephone interviews. Online surveys can be done through internet. Its advantage is that we can collect the specific data and it will remain up-date and their disadvantage is that it is very expensive and very difficult to collect data. Secondary data are those which are collected from other sources and it can be done by doing surveys. It will save time in collecting data and it is less expensive.

            For the development for this follow system development life cycle (SDLC). It provide a consist task needed to develop the project. It is used in the development of any project which describe the stages involve in it. It gives the idea to the user for developing a project. It includes all activates in appropriate way whether the system is manual or automated

Download  System Development Life Cycle Project Management .

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