Project Report On Solar Based Led Lighting Scheme

Project Report On Solar Based Led Lighting Scheme: Solar Energy has long been the Holy Grail of the Non-Conventional energy sources. Many stupendous efforts have been exerted in an attempt to harness this free and simple form of energy for common man .This energy can be used as an alternative for electrical energy. The basic and major obstacle has been the huge infrastructure cost required initially.

Solar energy systems are less efficient use of solar energy for conventional lighting scheme is of little use. So to find an alternative to the conventional lighting scheme we thought of replacing it by LED lighting scheme. So we hope that this will protect a small but important step to increase the use of non-conventional energy sources and also for the global environment, reduce the burden on conventional electricity grid will be presented along with many other benefits.

LED is a light emitting semiconductor diode that emits light. LEDs are most often used in the form of an indicator light in electronic devices, traffic signal lights, musical instruments and dashboards in cars and in houses etc. The nature of the light emitted can be visible, infrared or ultraviolet.

Benefits of using LED light bulbs over standard light bulbs are traditional incandescent light bulbs waste up to 80% of its energy in the form of heat that they produce. LED light bulbs on the other hand save that energy since heat emission is minimal. For example, you may replace a 40 watts standard light bulb with a 4 watt LED bulb that emits same light output.

 Project Report On Solar Based Led Lighting Scheme Conclusion:

With the help of advanced techniques one can vary intensity of the bulbs smoothly so that they offer only the required amount of intensity and avoid unnecessary wattage loss. Solar Tracking Servo Mechanism, if applied will enhance the efficiency of the panel to a greater level. Bulb casings can be made of some kind of environmentally degradable materials.

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