Practical Training Report on Basic Networking and Microsoft Windows Server

Introduction to Basic Networking and Microsoft Windows Server Project:

Basic networking is a concept which is based on the internet and also in the use of computer technology too. It is also based on the local development which is one of the main parts of the networking concept. In this basic networking user accomplish many authoritative terms by which they can work in a proper way. Here each and every single provides us the information about the authoritative power and the authentication modes.

Basically networks are the accumulation of each single personal computer by a part of networking devices. These accumulations later then work as the abundant networks. These networks are then connected to the computers by a device called as HUB which normally hosts the servers. Internet work has a concept called as Router which is used to join the server networks together to share the data from one computer to another. Packet switching, packet filtering, communication and path choice are the functions that a router can perform.

Another topic is the Topology which is the updates which are made to the material layout of the systems. There are various types of topology and some of them are Single node topology which is always joined with the servers, Bu8s topology which is joined to a common tabled which is named as trunk. Ring topology is which where all networks and devices are associated in a closed loop. Star topology is which every single device is associated with the HUB. Mesh topology is which every device is associated to the other devices.

Networks play an important role in this concepts and LAN, VAN, VPN San are the various types of networks. Layered approach is the part of OSI model which contains application layer, presentation layer, session layer, transport layer, network layer, data link layer and physical layer are the sub types of reference layers. There are various other topics that are related to the basic networking which is written in detail in various reference books.

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