CSE Project Abstract on Web’s Eye

Introduction to Web’s Eye Project:

Approximately one hundred a twenty years back telephone was invented by Alexander Graham bell. It plays a vital role in transferring the voice from one place to another place through cable

Now a days that telephone revolutionized in communication technology because not only voice but also data can be transfers through telephone technology as signals it can be called as Internet technology. so we will connect the world wide web(www) through Internet as communicate from one person to another person without any risk.

Www is a package uses to constructing by HTML language, various sites for various purposes throughout world. While it is fun to browse and highly informative.web eye is used to fill the gap between internet and end users.


Web’s eye is software is used to develop web pages. So many people were aware of web pages and internet. Web’s eye is providing to design the web pages. it is user friendly software to designing web pages through our creativity and ideas to change you really professional in world’s  eyes. Web’s eye uses java platform to create web pages and code generation done by HTML language. This project main goal is to reduce the heavy effort while creating web pages easily.


web’s eye uses java 2 package and the GUI(graphical user interface) is developed by SWING components HTML tage,quick time formats are used for web page designing.

Different packages in java are Java.awt, Java.awt.event, Java.swing.event, Java.text, Java.Java.io, Java.util used here.

Download  CSE Project Abstract on Web’s Eye.

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