.Net Frame Work CSE Project on SQL Tuner Project Report

In today’s industry as per the normal scenario whenever a developer or a programmer design or write any new query he have to submit the same to the DBA of any company for fine tuning. Even the DBA do nit able to tune it to the fullest extent and even if they become successful then take a lot of resources and time for that. It is not possible to tune every single query during the crunch time. The DBA’s relies on its own experience for the tuning purpose. There are no rules for the tuning and do that sometimes even the most experience DBA do not able to properly tune the queries.

This topic is chosen among all to reduce the tuning work of the quarries by the DBA’s. This can also be used for to tune the queries by the programmer instead of going to the DBA. For developing the tuning if the SQL Queries this project is developed. By reducing the entire CPU time and the I/O time taken by the query the tuning can be made more precise and finer. There are two kinds of tuning that is indexed and syntax tuning.

Syntax tuning helps in checking the physical and logical operators that are used by the query. Index tuning keeps a check on the indexes that is used in the query and can also be used for the columns that are involved in the process of querying.

The interface is used for typing the queries of the users that is provided by the particular software and there are two choices for the users that is either tuning the query or execute it. The software gives suggestions is the tuning is chosen for improving the query performance. On the other hand, if the option of executing is selected then simply it will execute the query.

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