Lighting system of a auto mobile project is a simple electronics and and communication project for engineering students. Main objective of this project is to design and understand how lighting system works for cars, 2 wheelers.

Auto light project will give detailed explanation about project design and development with block diagram, circuit diagram, project images. 

Lighting System of an Automobile Project


To design a circuit which will work similar like that of auto mobiles which should full fill all requirements according  to road rules. 

Lighting System of an Automobile Project Introduction:

Every country will have traffic rules and regulations according to that rules vehicles lighting system should be designed. Most of the countries follow same lighting system rules. Lighting system is important for vehicles to drive safely and easily communicate with other vehicles.

This method will reduce accidents so we need to have effective lighting system. This project will give knowledge for students to learn basics of circuit design and auto mobile concepts. 

Components used in this project:


Tail lamps main components

Side or Parking lamps

Stop lamp

Warning lamps

Fog lamps

Panel lamps and Accessories

Interior illumination lamps

Types of switch constituted in the lighting system are:

Light switch

Dip switch

Stop light switch

Lamp Alignment and Focusing: 

For a better view for driver while driving head lamps should be aligned and focused properly. With better alignment illumination will be on right area with our any issues and causing problem to road users. 

These are few rules that to be followed for perfect alignment. 

Front vehicle should be in square with screen

Loding and standing of vehicle should be on level ground. 

Distance should be 25 feet.

Covering one head lamp will be ease for setting. 

Download Lighting System of an Automobile Project Report