Speed Factory Automated Checkpoint Log System for Bike Races Microcontroller Project Report

Adding RFID is the main object of this project for every participant of biking in rally and to set up a micro controller that is based on the readers of RFID at various checkpoints all along the route. The boards of micro controllers are equipped with RRTC or real clock time to keep a track of the time and EEPROM helps to maintain the cross timing for each and every bike.

These data are later used to develop units of micro controllers that can be transferred to a database that is centralized via the serial that comes with every board of micro controllers. The software of the computer can then be used for generating time based maps, lap records, analysis report results of races and graphical results.

The boards that are based on the micro controllers are present at the various check points and they are equipped with the RFID reader that is used for reading informations from tags of RFID that are used in each and every bike participating in the race. RTC is used to handle the time and data at the time of power loss and EEPROM to save the data of croosing as well as the time.

To maintain the system status a display is used. Low cost check points can also be used in the system and they need to be maintained on a regular basis. These are available widely for collecting informations from all the available check points on a PC that is connected via the serial link one by one. A port connector is provided for all the boards of micro controller that are present at the check post for the message transmission to the PC. The EEPROM include a wide space and is used for storing of information  about the races for several days and weeks. Transmission of messages can take a few minutes and it will be followed by the merging of results.

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