Travel Management System Project in C#.Net

Travel Management System Project Offers & Deals:

This Project was developed in C#.Net & SQL Server 2000, By using this project we can book airways, train, bus tickets. Mainly this project can be used in all traveling Agencies.

Customers will be able to browse through available travel deals, discounts and offers and corresponding pricing.

This application provides access to lucrative travel deals and offers and gives pricing information for each of them.

Accumulate Mileage:

This module allows a customer to accumulate mileage that he/she has traveled.

By accumulating mileage, the users have an incentive to fly more. This promotes business on the site and allows the site to compete

with other similar sites that offer mileage accumulation

Redeem Mileage:

This module allows a customer to purchase a plane ticket using the mileages accumulated. 50000 miles can be redeemed for a domestic flight and 75000 for an international flight.

The customer has been given the ability to accumulate mileage as the book flights. They must have a way of spending those miles.

This page will present the controlled environment that is necessary for this type of transaction

Account Update:

The update account information function shall give customers access to edit their information.  They can modify name, mailing address, billing address, credit card information, and login password.

This module offers convenience to the customers by allowing changes to account information immediately.

View Booking Status:

The view booking status function shall allow customers to login into their personal website account to check status of booked flight and hotels

This offers convenience to users so they can find out necessary status information to help them prepare for their travel.

Download Travel Management System Project in C#.Net

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  1. plz send me voice based automated transport system project source code in dot net with Its step by step creation & database

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