Social-Eyez an Social Media App Minor Project Synopsis


A Social-Eyez is a social media app that facilitates the creation and sharing of information, ideas, interests, and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks. In our project, we are working to build an app that caters to the above requirements. the app will contain many features like user authentication, content creation(uploading images), interactions in the form of the like button, comment button, etc. the app will be made using Flutter Framework. Among many apps build on this framework, Google pay is a prime example as it is built using this framework.

In the initial Phase, our target is to build the application for Android OS and then take it to another platform like IOS. this application is going to be a live project and our team will keep on integrating new features from time to time. We will start will basic structure and features and then scale it up according to available resources.


Social media is a part of our life now and there are only a few platforms that are dominating this space. Meta is the shark in the tank, it is the parent organization of Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp China has its own alternative apps like WeChat and Weibo. India is still heavily dependent on these apps. This Project is a humble effort to give Indians their own social media app and eventually realize the dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat apart from this our app will include many other features which are lagging in Instagram like:-

  1. SOS (Save Our Souls) feature. it can be triggered in the event of an emergency.
  2. Social and News combined.


Social-Eyez will try to give a platform for its user to interact and connect with each other. The main objectives of our app in the long run are:-

  1. Community Builder: One of the many reasons to use Social Media is that it acts as a Community Builder! 
  2. Exchange of Ideas: Social Media has been one of the most successful and popular ways of exchanging ideas! 80percent of people have their accounts on one of the many social media sites thus, making it more logical to validate my point! You can exchange innumerable ideas and can apply them too!
  3. Engagement of users: 
  4. Biggest Marketing Platform: Social Media is now one of the largest media where you can market all your product right from the needle to the largest machines! There’s nothing impossible now!
  5.  Monetization:. One of the major advantages to use social media is that they provide us with the facility to monetize.


  •  User authentication. 
  •  Writing posts with image attachments. 
  •  Becoming followers of other users. 
  •  Reacting and commenting on posts. 
  •  Notification about the latest posts from followed users. 
  •  Searching for specific posts.

Facilities required for Social-Eyez

Technologies that we’ll be using in this project will be Flutter Framework, Dart Programming, Git, and Visual Studio.

the main development of the Application will be done using Flutter Framework. it is a slightly new framework backed by Google. Firebase will also be used. it is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) app development platform that provides hosted backend services. Firebase supports Flutter.

Visual Studio will be used as a code editor and Git will be used for version control development.

Hardware requirement: 

1. Laptop

2. Smartphone


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