Content Based Image Retrieving Seminar Topic

Content-based Image Retrieving seminar topic explains about a new method for implementing an effective image retrieving method form database. 

In general Content-based image, retrieval means searching images on the web based on the visual content.

In these search keywords, tags, description is not searched but the actual content is searched and provides an easy solution for exact matching.

Example of content search is (searching using color, shapes, textures or any related information of the image).

This system works on statistics, computer vision, signal processing and pattern recognition algorithms and techniques.

This method is advanced technology for text-based image searches.

Existing system works on text-based image searching where users will enter image name or keyword in search engine and algorithm will search for images with the same keyword, description, and tags.

But this method is not accurate method and lot of resources is required to retrieve information. With this new method fast, the accurate and efficient search can be done.

download Content-based image retrieving seminar topic reference document.

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