Seminar Topic on Smart Spectra

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Smart Spectra:

Introduction: – It is smart multi spectral system that fits somewhere between two approaches. The systems which measure spatial resolution are classified according to the spectral resolution or spatial resolution. In much application image processing is involved. There are many cameras which provide 2 D spatial resolution of RED, GREEN and BLUE (RGB) and also provide six bands which are narrow as 5mm. for some application each band can be configured to acquire a linear combination of narrow bands.

Multi spectral Devices: – The devices which are available in market and similar to it are spectrometers. This is used to analyze a point, line and a bi dimensional image. In it the point spectrometers are based on spectral dispersion of light beam using prism. There are many multispectral devices such as Acousto optic tunable filter (AOTFs), these are solid state device that act as electronically tunable band pass filter.

Imaging Sensors: – It uses 2 D sensors in cameras and these are based on three different technologies they are, CCD sensor, they are composed of matrix of photo gates on which light is collected and its characteristics are depend on field of application. Another is CMOS sensor amd these form matrix of photodiode. In it the uniformity is very low but the read out speed is high and the last one is intensified sensors which boost the CCD technologies in low light level conditions.

System Description: – It is classified in two categories they are the sensors and the host computers. The sensor part includes optics and electronics and computer part include driver for sensor configuration and this host computer is further divided into three categories, they are driver for camera, ATFS application and toolkit

Application: – It is used in various fields such as agricultural, remote sensing, medical spectral imaging, archaeology, fruit and vegetable assessment, arts etc.

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