GSM Based Smart City garbage Bin Monitoring System

This is Smart garbage Bin Monitoring System, In this Project, we are monitoring garbage of the dustbin, Once the garbage bin is filled we can see the status indication of the LED. There is an IR sensor in the garbage bin. In the same way, we also get the alert message is saying that the garbage bin is filled.

Here we are using GSM Modem, which is going to use to send an alert message saying that the particular garbage bin is filled and the indication is indicated there with Green & Red indications. If it is Green- The garbage bin is empty, If it is Red – The garbage bin is full.

Basically here the Arduino board is playing a major role in sending the commands to the GSM Modem saying that when to send the message. This Aurdino board is receiving input from IR sensors saying that what is the garbage whether it is full or empty.

When this gives the digital input to the Arduino, this Arduino will send the output signal to the status indication entities and also it sends the output signal to the GSM modem saying that send the message to the particular number saying that garbage is cleaned.

This is a very advanced project rather than IOT, in IOT there is lack of internet access but here we are using GSM. This GSM one message send to the Municipal Office and another message will send to Cleaning Section.

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