Railway Accident Monitoring System (GSM And GPS) Abstract

RAILWAY ACCIDENT MONITORING SYSTEM (GSM AND GPS)  project is implemented using PIC micro-controller, GPS receiver, GSM modem and LCD display is used to display the GPS receiver data. 

Objective is to develop a state-of-the-art asset management technology for railway transportation systems, with special focus on conditions in India. The technology consists of: GPS and wireless data transmission.

The central tracking station monitors train for 24 hours for unauthorized intrusion, pilfering, breakdown, accident or even for any unforeseen emergency assistance. By this way the railway asset can be monitored for protection purpose.

“Through proper implementation of this project, governments can improve program and infrastructure quality, increase information accessibility and use, With improved decision making application makes more interesting and decreases overall cost of the application, including the social and economic impacts of train crashes.” 

download Railway Accident Monitoring System (GSM  And GPS) Abstract

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