Density based traffic control system using IR sensors


The main aim of developing this Density-based traffic control system project is to provide real-time traffic signaling system in the city to reduce traffic jam.

In this project we are using IR sensors, Sound Sensors, Aurdino Omega to monitor the 4-way traffic density. Each Line has 3 IR sensors, IR sensor is basically a sensor which can detect the obstacle, basically, it works on the proximity principle, It has an IR transmitter and IR Receiver, where IR transmitter sends IR Light where it sees any obstacle the same transmitter light will be reflected back and falls on the Receiver LED. Based on the light reflection,  here we are monitoring the traffic density based on the number IR Sensors Sensed.

Drawbacks in the Present System:

Huge Traffic Jam on the roads with the existing system

Auto & Manual Mode in the present Traffic System

In the Auto Mode, Traffic lights are in the Timer Mode the Time will fix for 1 minute or 2 minutes, Manual Mode takes more human effort.

Proposed Development:

But here we have developed as per traffic density the signal system will work, It mainly works with the help of sensors, If one sensor sensing when the green light signal time is 3 seconds, If 2 sensors are sensing then it will on for 6 seconds, If 3 sensors are sensing then the Green light will on for 9 seconds.

Based on that we just make a priority for all the 4 sides, Moreover, in our project, we have made some complex algorithm that monitoring the traffic density based on the IR sensors, this is just too makes the Things faster in the morning times when we are going to offices.

Moreover, it has a sound detector which can detect the sound which can detect the outer sound, but this is only the program to take the digital input of the vehicle. When the ambulance comes then the sensors will give input to the microcontroller board. This microcontroller board it makes the priority for this line of 9 seconds.

In this Prototype Kit, we have not used DSP Kit in the project. But the sensor if we connected to the DSP Kit if we connect to the microcontroller then We can connect to the ambulance siren also.

This Project can be applied to the real-time city traffic light signaling system.

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  1. This is great work. This would change things for the better road experience and save time for road users. I love it 100%.
    I need a full project to present as my final year project at university. Am persuing a bachelor of science in chemical engineering. I really need your help. Thanks

  2. I am working on a similar project and having some issues connecting the sensors to the arduino. please help me by providing circuit diagram and the code if possible. It would be of great help

  3. I am working on same project but I am confused please sir give me circuit diagram . I am ready to give money for circuit diagram

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