Seminar Topic and Report on Slammer Worm

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Slammer Worm:

This is just like a computer virus that spread very fast unlike other worms. This worm was first on the 25 January 2003; it has exploited the Microsoft SQL server engine. These worms are also called sapphire. These worms exploited around 75000 hosts which result in network failure, airline flights are cancelled, elections were stopped and ATMs are failed. These worms only harm networks; they overload the network and disable the database connection.

It affects any computer randomly; it randomly selects the IP address of any computer and then exploits it. It increases itself exponentially, but after sometime it begin to saturate the network the with its scan and bandwidth consumptions. It has the capability to perform the 250,000 scans in 1 hour, as it starts slowly but it increases itself exponentially.

This worm does not contain any explicitly payload, they only cause the disruption. They majorly attacked the bank ATMs and their data bases. They make the networks equipment failure. We can overcome the slammer attack if we can control the few machines from the target network, then we can do the DoS attack for the entire network by using the special program that can minimize the slammer behavior. These are high speed worms; we need automatic worm defenses to minimize them.

No one knows who designed this worm, it code does not have any used information. He has designed the best worm with no mistake to get identified. This worm doesn’t have any variable in the code. User have the proper knowledge of the x86 coding skills, it means it doesn’t require any administrative privilege to use the system. This also shows the fact it is best suited for Microsoft SQL server for constructions.( it can be exploit in single packet). 

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