Silverlight Based Interface To Bing Asp.Net Project Report for Final Year CSE Project Report

Introduction to Silverlight Based Interface To Bing Project:

A new cross browser named as silver light is used for the implementation of the .NET . This enables the delivering and building work for the media experiences of the next generation and RIA for the web purposes. It can run in well known browsers like Morzilla, Apple safari, Internet explorer and Opera. The present web search engine is Bing that is developed by Microsoft.

Using the two frameworks – Silverlight for RIA and Bing search engine along with API focused on designing a web based application. This project further aims to provide the users with the best facility search engine.

In the existing project only google search is the media for searching and bing is developed using HHTML but still does not include any extra features that can benefit the users. Both the system do not able to provide any storing capability or give the users results on the basis of their stored data on the servers.

According to the proposed project it will be developed with the support of Silverlight web browser plug-in and silver light. Net framework. For integrity check system and unit testing will be done along with reliability check. Once the project will be accomplished it will deploy around the clock for those clients using the internet service. This is a transformative technology that helps basic website to function as full blown applications thus accessing the state-of-the-art video enriched msdia presentation and animations.

This project is designed to enable the user to make use of the best search engine that includes an attractive GUI designed with the help of Silverlight RIA that enable storing and searching purposes of the users. It also consists of a powerful Bing or API. Depending on the strings of the users the ads will be displayed and the project make sure about the security, performance and reliability issues.

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