Mobile Details PHP Project

Abstract: Every person has at least one mobile phone in his/her pocket. Having Mobile phone is becomes a Tradition in the world. Mobile Phone Connect peoples with others peoples in a few seconds. So i have added the Mobile details project.

I feel the need of this Mobile Details PHP Project from the requirement of my visitors. So all the visitors who have mailed to me add this project, please download it form this post.

Existing System:

Now If you what to buy any mobile we are going to shop and checking the mobile and buying it and its take much time for any user to buy its time taking process for the users to know about the mobiles.

Proposed System

In our project we are proposed a system for giving the information about the mobile details with will have features like user making an account in the application and admin can add the mobile details user can view that mobiles and its details all information also.


User can login and register: in this project user will be able to register and login in it. User has to first register in it and after registering user need to login this project.

Add Mobile Details: User can add the details of mobiles phone in the specified columns. After adding the details user will be able to edit all details of added content. User has full control on all the added content. User can delete whole added data.

Edit Profile: User can make and edit a new profile in mobile details project .Profile gives a look what type of this user is. So we must have a good profile in this column.

Save Product in cart: User will be able to add all the mobile products in a cart which will display all the saved items for the purchase in future. User can edit all the details in it very easily.

Full Admin Control: Mobile details project is fully controlled by a Admin. You can make yourself as admin of this project. If you are admin of the project then you will be able to keep track on all the activities in the project. you will be able to edit any content, add or delete user. Admin will not need any notification to give if he/she wants to remove any user from this project.

I have checked this project .It is simple and user friendly. If you face any problem then please let me know, you can make comment me below this post section.



• WAMP — Web Application Server
• PHP — Server Side Scripting Language
• MySQL — Database
• XHTML — Extendible Hypertext Markup Language

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