Server Managed Desktop Movie Capture Project for Final Year MCA Students

A tool is used for capturing pictures, sound, video and others that you can see on the screen with the use of SERVER MANAGED DESKTOP MOVIE CAPTURE. It can at the same time record the window, part of the screen, full screen etc from source like line-in, microphone and speakers. It also enable to record files like playback, preview, move, delete, copy etc. with this program. This tool is a screen recording equipment and it enables to capture the activity of your desktop into AVI video files.

This is an advanced capturing software  that can used for capturing anything including the windows, cursors, menus, desktop, and video along with sound. Screen Movie Studio helps to record all these activities and allows you to save them and followed by play back that you see on the computer screen

The AVI file creation and screen capturing enable to read the images from the stream of videos and Decompress a video stream that is compressed. Compressing and uncompressed stream of video, changing video stream compression style, exporting the stream of video into a different AVI exporting the audio stream into a file format known as .Wav, copying an audio and video into a new file  that is.avi file, adding new sound from .Wav to the video file, creating new streams of video from the the bitmap lists, adding of frames to the video stream whether compressed or not, inserting frames into the video stream ad copying and deleting of frames are some of the other tasks that can be performed by the AVI file created and screen capturing.

The system of task manager provides details about the performance of the computer and at the same time showcase the information’s about the programs as well as the processes that is running on the desktop. If your system is connected to the network then you can see the status of the network at a single glance.

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