Simulation of Mobile Banking Final Year CSE Project Idea

Introduction to Simulation of Mobile Banking Project:

The mobile banking simulation will not change your habits of money using and inserted it will make use of the computerized system to reduce the time and the paper works that is usually required. This will change the traditional system of banking to ensure that your finances are managed in a more efficient and quick manner.

The customers of the bank who are everything for the bank not able to take part in the processing system of the bank easily. With the online system this problem can eradicate. As the title suggested this document has to do something in the process of banking using the mobile technology.

This will help the customer to reduce the time taken for the transactions. At the same time he will also able to access it from anywhere. Through the system of mobile banking a customer can able to make transaction from any part of the world and can also view the details of his account whenever he wants. Moreover, this system helps to transact money to another person over the mobile device.

It provides an easy way of accessing the bank account through the use of mobile phone. It also enable to pay bills and other services that are related to money transferring. This system can not only use for payment but also for transferring of money to another person. The person whom you are transferring can receive the money from his business colleagues, friends who are connected to this system or directly from the bank.

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