QTP – Testing Seminar Topic Download

QTP – Testing Seminar Topic Download: Test Automation is software which controls the execution of programs and the comparison of results either predicted or expected. 

There are many tools and software programs that are used to test software programs. Automation tools are used to reduce the test time as well as the cost, to avoid the errors, takes less time, requires less human intervention etc. The testing tool is consistent and repeatable.

In this presentation, we briefly describe an automated testing tool which is called Quick Test Professional (QTP). It supports both web and windows applications. Languages like .NET, J2EE, Main Frame, XML, Java, ERP, SAP, Seibel etc are supported by QTP. This software is run on only windows platform and does not support UNIX, Linux etc.

This Quick Test is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing tool that gives access to the user on a web or client based software application. The versions of QTP are QTP 5.5, 5.6, 6.0, 6.5, 8.0, 9.0, 9.2 etc. QTP 9.2 is the current version.

Testing process of QTP: Record & Run Settings, Develop Automation Testing, Enhance/ Customize Automation test, Debug Automation Test, Execute Automation Test, Analyze Test Results, and Report defects in bug tracking tool.

There are many Add Ins that provide information about the technology supported by the QTP like ActiveX, VB, Web, Java, Oracle, People soft, .NET, Terminal Emulator, SAP, Siebel etc.

A Checkpoint is a specialized procedure that compares two values and gives the result. QTP runs in normal and fast modes. Exception Handling enables the Quick test to detect and handle error occurred during execution time.

 QTP – Testing Seminar Topic Download Conclusion:

 Manual testing is time-consuming and requires heavy investment. Automated testing with QuickTest dramatically speeds up the testing process. Benefits of Automated QTP: it runs faster than human users, it is reliable and eliminates human error, and it is repeatable.

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