Seminar Topic on Security for the Third Generation (3G) Mobile System

The main aim of this 3G Security project is to provide the Security for the Third Generation (3G) Mobile System, to implement this ECE project we have to provide the authentication it means it has to not allow to access unauthorized persons, avoid the problem with the in adequate algorithms, the transmitted data should be in encrypted form so that in the circuit we have to use the encoder circuit and in the receiver section we can use the decoder for the conversion of encoded form to original form. The SIM (subscriber identity module) can manage by network operators, she network can manageable by network operators, and the application layer should be in secure position, transparency.

There is the problem with the GSM security those are active attacking, key transmission, limited encryption of data scope, channel hijack, implicit data security, weak encryption algorithms, unsecured terminal i.e. IMEI is not secured, lack of visibility. So by using 3G the security of the data is provided. The key security features are authentication, IMEI integrity. In these the GSM features are compatible and most useful and provide the integrity. So by using this technology the third generation data security can be made. This btech final year project is mainly using all signalling networks to provide the security compared to 2G.

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