3G Tutorial Seminar Topic

This 3G Tutorial seminar topic explain the basic concepts behind the 3G network, it explain about which technology it is using and what type of data rate and the range of the bandwidth. first 1G first generation technology is implemented, this technology uses the concept of frequency division multiple access, that is separate frequencies each and every call so this technology having problems to connect a call, here frequencies are divided, To overcome this problem next 2G second generation technology is come in to existence, this technology uses the concept of time division multiple access, in this technique time slot and TDMA frames are taken into consideration, one time slot is 0.5ms, one TDMA frame is equal to eight time slots based on these the calls are connected in 2G, compared to 1G, 2G is most reliable. Next in 2001 3G network is come in to existence but India not preferred that network at that time due to high cost, in that time some countries used 3G, later in 2010 November 3G services started in India by Tata docomo, due to high data rate, video calling facility, the 3G services are started all networks like Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone, reliance. 3G uses the code division multiple access technique, it uses the frequency reuse concept and hand off concept.

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