Seminar Topic on Open Source Technology

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Open Source Technology:

There is a huge change in software development process in current time since there is a large use of computer in almost every field. Initially while purchasing the product; it was built in-house, later sold to business associate after product was created. Necessary permission for giving license of application was to be taken but organization never gave their source code. 

Since source code was not given in traditional approach there was very little chance of source code modification directly. Updates and upgrades all form of development were done by licensor. No one can renew license without the permission of organization that sold the product ie one who gives silence. 

Eg .The very live example of the system we generally use Windows system .While the Open Source Technology have come to solve the problem faced in traditional approach .Thanks to Linux Operating System one of the best technology in open source . Through Open Source Code we are able to get source code free of cost or code can be reused. Since source code is given we can easily modify the source code based on our requirement. Thus this approach provides us flexibility. 

One of live example is growth of Android market .Android is free platform, OS offered by Google one of the biggest internet search engine. Through open source software you have the freedom to perform certain task,

1. We can use the program for any purpose based on our requirement.

2. We can study the source code and modify the way we like based on our requirement. Thus open source technology has made huge impact in the social life. The Google chrome OS by Google is the initial talk this days on the huge impact of Open Source Technology. By using  Open Source Technology the organization saves a lot of their precious time and use their time on business activity that are involved when we try them to use the open source technology .

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