Technical Seminar Report on Sky-X Technology

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Sky-X Technology:

Satellites are used for internet access and for any network access. But they give the limited bandwidth means speed of the connection are limited. We can overcome this problem by using Sky-x technology. With the help of this technology we can directly connect to the satellite for internet access or any network access. It allows the user to access full bandwidth made available by the satellite. They replace TCP over satellite link. It enhances the network without any modification at the client side, means the performance of the data transmission is improved. They give speed 10-100 times more than normal connection.

 It improves the IP performance by combining the connection, data compression and web fetching and remains transparent at the client side. They convert TCP to XTP for transferring over the satellite. There no changes require for XTP connection. We just need to install the hardware at the satellite like XR10, XH45 and XH155, they are readily available. We need to install software in our PCs.

This is the multicast technology, means many user can receive the data from single stream. They can be used in the real time applications like event broadcasting. They combine bandwidth, protocol, application and system level all together to give the best performance through the satellite networks.  They start slow to determine safe transmission and then later they boost up.

Now the Sky-x accelerators are added to the new version, so as to accelerate the transfer of large and small files. It will minimize the re-transmission and it also has been modified to deal better with errors and try to recover fast from errors. They database backups which are usually not required, and speed up the XML and http sessions. Bandwidth utilization is more improved.

 Download  Technical Seminar Report on Sky-X Technology.

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