Seminar Topic and Report on Sky-X Technology

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Sky-X Technology:

There are some restrictions in the protocol system of the satellite networks as they have bandwidth limitations.  To overcome such limitations we can we can use the sky-x technology.  They have their own product, gateway and they do not require any modification at the client and servers. They support all the TCP applications.

This technology over comes the bandwidth limitations. They TCP and uses their own gateway and product, without any modification at the server client end.  They connect the pc of the user directly to the satellite and the speed increased to the 10-100 times and performance is very much increased. They replace TCP with XTP (Xpress transport control). This provides high speed networks.  They spit the protocol transmission system and provide satellite based connection to the user and remain transparent at the user end.

They have the capability to provide the speed up to 10mbps – 45 mbps. They provide multicast features. They provide trustable data transfer, if in case data failed to send then they send the data again. They remove the dependency on TCP. They give the output greater than actual bandwidth.  Sky X has three gateways XR10, XH45 and XH155. They are always ready for any hardware solution that can be added to any satellite. We have private access over the satellites.

We can also say it is a multicast technology. It means it has multiple recipients and that receive single data stream. They convert TCP unicast components into the multicast transfer that also transparently. They transfer the speed by compressing the data 5 times.

TCP network is slow and are not suited for the satellite as it reduces the data flow over the network and over all connection not good. So it’s better to use sky x technology for better transmission.

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