Computer Seminar Report on Hybernate Query Language

Introduction to Computer Seminar Topic on Hybernate Query Language:

The main attraction of the software depends on the technique on the development style, type of the creation and the way the software is further maintained. If a single change is made in any of the part the entire changes are needed to me made in the whole application too. This hibernate is used to solve this problem only.

This hibernates mainly with the frameworks and the java applications. Hibernate mainly works with the set of objects or the set of applications. This gives the large computing language related to the allocated query. The mainly architecture this hibernate support is the JMX called as the java management extensions.

Some of the key features of the hibernate system are hibernate is a service that supports all types of J2EE applications programs. It also has the extension with the EJB architectures. It is the Free and a very open source provider which is registered by the LGPL called as the Lesser GNU Public LIcense. It is also a environmental coding languages which has the concept like the inheritance, polymorphism etc… it supports the scability as it is always executed in two different types of layers. The language used to query the code here the data is normally coded in the data saved in the database. The EJB which has the version number 3.0 which supports the hibernate systems.

 Hibernate called as the query language is very strong and also very rich in demand. It is the OOQL called as the Object Oriented Query language containing the hibernate framework system in it. The Hibernate query system has also has many extra added features like Relational operations, Projections, Orders, Functions called etc… Hibernate language also saves the time duration and also the cost that is needed to test the applications. Hibernate language mainly uses the SQL server to connect with the database.

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