Search Engine Optimization Seminar Topic

Search engine optimization seminar topic explains about search engine basics, about optimization, key concepts, Optimization features, Content Management system. Main idea of this paper is to provide step by step procedure on how search engine optimization can help websites to improve page rank of their website. 

        SEO Basics: Website optimization is important factor for better page rank. Search engines will follow basic principles like creating unique accurate page tittles, making use of description Meta tag.

    Improving site Structure: In order to improve site structure website should follow certain principles like page url should be similar to that of title of the content and spaces should be marked with – symbol, and other factor is easy navigation; from every webpage users can move to different pages.

 Content Optimization:  Content is the king for search engines there should be no duplicate content on websites and second point is to provide anchor text for every post, Content should use image with same title name given to image, Content should contain h1 h2 h3 heading tags.

About Crawlers: Crawlers are part of search engine which will use spiders to crawl entire web pages. For better performance robots.txt must be used effectively and pages should not use “nofollow” for links.

download Search engine optimization Seminar Topic , paper presentation.

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