Seminar Report on Serial ATA

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Serial ATA :

It is the technology that uses port bus for transfer of data from computer to hard disk or from hard disk to computer. It is the advanced version of Parallel ATA (PATA). It provides an interface to connect any device with the computer do transferring of the data. They are compatible with all the software used today. It is manufactured by Seagate.  It basically used 7 wire interfaces, in which three wires are in ground state and other 4 wires are in used for communication in both the direction. There are different types of SATA and their speed varies accordingly like: SATA 1.5 Gb/s, SATA 3.0 Gb/s.

Serial ATA was introduced to overcome the limitations of parallel ATA. As parallel ATA uses single line transmission so they are noisy, they also have the routing problem and data are not robust. This is replaced by Serial ATA. They are high speed serial data communication. It connects two devices in point to point fashion. It requires only two channels one for sending and other for receiving. They are very small than parallel ATA. It also has the capability to check the errors and to correct those errors.

They are divided into four layers like application, transport, link and physical. Transport and link layers are used to handle the overall operations. Physical layer is used to handle the data receiving and sending operation.

SATA uses new designed cables and connectors that increase its speed and data are more robust. Bus are more reliable that Parallel ATA. It has the feature of Native Command Querying that reduces the workload on the hardware and the software. NCQ is the technology that is used to increase the performance of hard disk and provide them more time than one I/O request.

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